Educate Tomorrow

Educate Do not Incarcerate was founded in 2016 by Terrance Coffie. It comes from the Latin phrase educare meaning to “bring up, rear.” In the 1500s, Shakespeare borrowed it to mean “education.” These days, any time you’re in a classroom listening to a lecture, studying a book, or speaking with a teacher, you’re being educated.educate

Enormous instructional gaps between poor college students and rich college students do not occur because the poorer students have adapted to their poverty-stricken existence but because they don’t have assets needed to reach school.educate

The “culture of poverty” idea that has been used by several politicians to explain variations in studying between totally different ethnicities can be exposed as a blatant try by the established order to “blame” individuals for their poverty if the tutorial system was restructured to satisfy the wants of all college students, not simply the wealthy.

The Midland County Library, Midland ISD, and the Texas Middle for the Guide additionally partnered up with Educate Midland to interact the neighborhood’s participation within the Letters About Literature contest, a state and nationwide reading and writing contest by the Library of Congress for 4th-12th grade students.

Based at the Knowledge Lab, at UCL’s Institute of Education, EDUCATE is match-funded by the European Regional Growth Fund and UCL’s partners: UCL Engineering , the British Instructional Suppliers Affiliation (BESA) , Nesta and F6S This collaboration brings together all of the strands of information, experience and experience needed to supply world-class EdTech.